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The key component to a great personalised children’s book starts with a great photo!

For best results, please follow the guide and requirements listed below. 

  • To upload your photo, begin by clicking the ‘Choose File’ button on the product page you wish to order.
  • Photo file format for uploading must a jpeg file.
  • High quality, high resolution photos work best. Photo file size should be at least 50 kb. Cell phone camera images should be fine.
  • We can work with photos that include other people. We will crop the photo to isolate the child's face, however, it needs to be clear which person in photo is the child for personalising your product (Fig. 1.). Passport or school photographs are ideal use. 
  • Children with long hair should have hair in front of them or tied back. (Fig. 2).
  • The child should be facing the camera and ideally be smiling! Side profile poses will not work (Fig.3; Fig. 5).
  • Childs full face and head should be showing with no objects obstructing their faces such as hat, hand or anything else (Fig. 4).
  • The photo must be in focus and have good lighting (Fig. 6).

If there are any issues with the photograph supplied we’ll notify you immediately and provide you the opportunity to submit an alternative. If you’re unsure about the quality of your photo, contact us before ordering to confirm.

Little Book Stars correct imagecorrect
Identify child for 
personalising product

Fig. 2. Correct: 
Hair in front or
tied back

Little Book Stars personalised books correct imagecorrect
Little Book Stars photo-personalised book correct imagecorrect
 Fig. 3. Correct: 
Fig. 3. Correct: 


Little Book Stars incorrect imageincorrect

Little Book Stars | Incorrect image facing away from cameraincorrect

Little Book Stars | out of focus, incorrect image.incorrect

Fig. 4. Incorrect:
No objects should obstruct face
Fig. 5. Incorrect:
Child must
face camera
Fig. 6. Incorrect:
Photo must be
in focus